About Us

SERVMATECH was launched as an Integrator IT Solution Provider Company in 2016. We offer IT services and products to achieve the customers business goals. Even more, the company presents a unique balance of innovation and peace of mind to your IT solutions. whether you want to progress your Data Center Facilities, IT Security, IT Infrastructure, Storage or Power Infrastructure. Certainly, We work in a highly collaborative technique transforming the way you work and take your business to the next level. Additionally, Customer satisfaction is considered the number ONE priority.
The customers want to excel in every aspect of its business, which means it will need to take advantage of the best technological tools available in order to gain an edge over its competitors. That’s why you want a company like SERVMATECH to provide you with a customized IT solutions to maximize efficiency and security, minimize cost, and achieve your unique goals. Our expertise, resources, and attention to detail make us the ideal choice to meet the client’s needs for an IT Infrastructure Solution.
The company Believes that strength comes with three simple principles:
  • True collaboration with Customers and Partners.
  • Complete Understanding of Customers Business.
  • Continuing to finish the job professionally and ensure the quality of our work.



We are vendor and technology independent, providing complete unbiased guidance on developing you IT Solutions. This allow us to assess each technology, evaluate and recommend the best solution for your requirement.


Our team of experts understand not only facilities management but the special requirements of critical facilities. We are dedicated to help our customers create the most cost-effective solution that meets the demanding availability needs of business.


We believe in developing a true business relationship with all of our customers. Our complete discovery process help us understand the unique requirements of your environment, allowing us to make recommendation and develop the best solution for our customers.

Our Core Values

Our focus is on providing innovation and excellence in everything we do while maintaining complete ownership of our work through safety, integrity and trust. 

Our Specialty

Partnerships with leading global IT Companies.

What Do We Offer?

Turnkey Solution with Nationwide Service and Support Infrastructure.

Some of our Clients