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SERVMATECH offer IT services and products to achieve the customers business goals. Even more, the company presents a unique balance of innovation and peace of mind to your IT solutions. Whether you want to progress your Data Center Facilities, IT infrastructure, Infrastructure Cabling, Storage or Power Infrastructure. Certainly, we work in a highly collaborative technique transforming the way you work and take your business to the next level. Additionally, Customer satisfaction is considered the number ONE priority. SERVMATECH provides the customized IT solutions to maximize efficiency and security, minimize cost, and achieve your unique goals. Our expertise, resources, and attention to detail make us the ideal choice to meet the client’s needs for an IT Infrastructure Solution.


Data Center Solution

SERVMATECH provide turnkey solution and help their customers to plan, design and build cost effective data centers. We offer entire range of data center related product including Power, UPS/Rectifiers, HVAC, Racks & Enclosure/Cold Aisle Containments and Environmental Monitoring Systems.

Network Infrastructure

SERVMATECH offers cutting-edge and innovative Network Infrastructure solutions that empower your business.  Partnerships with leading technology giants in all domains – LAN, Wireless, WAN, Security and Data Center enables IBL Unisys to be the leader in integrating each domain so that our customers achieve consistent network policy for the Enterprise.

HVAC Solution

SERVMATECH knows how important it is to keep your data center, servers or computer rooms to an optimum temperature for the best performance. We offer HVAC installation, repair and maintenance service. We help to analyze the cooling needs and design a energy efficient solution within the budget. 

Power & UPS Solution

SERVMATECH is expertly skilled in developing power solutions that warrant that power supply doesn’t cause business disruptions by failing critical systems.

We provide systems engineered on DC power and reliable industrial-grade UPS systems, battery chargers, inverters, and rectifiers for heavy-duty, industrial systems and applications.

Civil & Mechanical Infrastructure 

Today's challenge include "right-sizing", planning for future capacity, scale and matching capital spend to actual demand. Our mechanical solution help our clients achieve their goals.

We offer a full range of well-implemented civil infrastructure which is cost optimized, operationally efficient  and environment friendly, provide a clear path for expansion as needs dictate. 

Computing Solution

We are full-service Computing Related solution provider that specialize in customize solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients. Providing everything from desktops, laptops, printing solutions, servers etc. Our team of professionals quickly assesses your technology requirements and works with you to build a strategic approach that can be rapidly implemented within customer target time and budget.  



We are vendor and technology independent, providing complete unbiased guidance on developing you IT Solutions. This allow us to assess each technology, evaluate and recommend the best solution for your requirement.


Our team of experts understand not only facilities management but the special requirements of critical facilities. We are dedicated to help our customers create the most cost-effective solution that meets the demanding availability needs of business.


We believe in developing a true business relationship with all of our customers. Our complete discovery process help us understand the unique requirements of your environment, allowing us to make recommendation and develop the best solution for our customers.


Our consulting process evaluates and treats your business as a whole, looking at how each element in your ICT infrastructure can impact your overall operations. We will work with you to design a road map to provide an end to end solution ensuring a smooth transition, transparent costs, operational efficiency, best practice and industry compliance.

Our approach to consulting not only directs and supports, it also gives you the ability to make informed decisions when choosing the right technology to support the direction of your business now and moving forward. 

Data Center Design Consultancy


IT Infrastructure Design Review & Documentation


Gap Analysis & 

Root Cause Analysis



Security Surveillance Solutions

Experts in the art of engineering optimal security and surveillance networks for the specific needs of our customers. We have significant skills on IP surveillance project plaining and developments, which is the most demanding requirement from any sector to overcome the environments security risk.

Managed Services/ Service Level  Agreements

We offer Managed Services and SLAs to our valued customers for Data Centers, Servers, Networks, UPS,  HVAC, Surveillance and Computing through our certified team.

Video Wall/ Video Conferencing Solution

Offering solutions for a variety of applications, such as Control rooms, NOC, SOC, SCADA, Conferencing and other commercial applications, designed to accommodate your requirements technically & commercially.


Equipped with a team of certified functional and technical consultants, SERVMATECH aims to help customers reduce their cost and save time by expert advisory.


Our team of experts gains  a comprehensive overview of the project by gathering relevant information and expectations for the deployment process. Experience professionals are assigned to the entire project lifecycle. 

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

SLAs define how we respond to your issues. It reflects our reliability, efficiency and confidence in support we provide.

Professional and Managed Services

When you need to simplify and streamline IT, without the need to invest in new systems and skills, SERVMATECH is the right partner.

IT Staffing & Training

SERVMATECH provides the option of posting skilled staff at location to provide service to customers. We also offer on-site training to customers staff, enabling the customers to achieve maximum benefits from their resource. 

Partnership & Alliances